Client #11

“Tomorrow my sister in Ankara turns 34. This year I am sending her a birthday present with the Sunny service. Congratulations Mine!”

“Oh, and I am also sending a small gift to my friend Ozlem, who has kindly offered to host Daan and Joram in Ankara” 

Client: Pelin
Cargo: Birthday Present
Destination: Ankara, Turkey
Recipient: Mine, Pelin’s Sister


Client #10

“Have you seen Onze man in Teheran on VPRO television? I enjoyed it very much! I think Thomas really deserved the Zilveren Nipkovschijf for his program, so I personally want to congratulate Thomas, who I know from his childhood, by sending him a small present from his home grounds. Well done, Thomas, keep up the good work!”

Client: Trudy
Cargo: Congratulations
Destination: Tehran, Iran
Recipient: Thomas Erdbrink


Client #9

“This spring we spent a long weekend DIY-ing at the Bukovina Buiten campsite, to make sure it was all ready to go for it’s opening this summer. We are sending over a surprise to Floor & Gerieke to congratulate them with this great new spot just north of Prague!”

Client: Anne & Anoek
Cargo: Suprise!
Destination: Bukovina, Czech Republic
Recipient: Floor & Gerieke, Owners of the Bukovina Buiten campsite


Client #8

“I asked Daan & Joram whether they could bring a bike over to my hometown in Uzbekistan. They were happy to do so, and together we bought this typical Dutch second hand bike. It will travel all the way from Amsterdam to Nukus on the roofrack of the Sunny”

Client: Azizbek
Cargo: A Dutch bike
Destination: Nukus, Uzbekistan
Recipient: Azizbeks’s Family


Client #7

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a “Kerstpakket” twice a year? Of course! And that’s exactly why we will be surprising my brother in Nuess with this summer-style kerstpakket. Enjoy Ruben!”

Client: Sanne & Aize
Cargo: a summer-style kerstpakket
Destination: Nuess, Germany
Recipient: Ruben, Aize’s brother


Client #6

“Since a short while we have our own micro-brewed beer here at Kriterion. It is called Jules, after our cat. We are sending over a box of Jules beers to our sister-cinema in Sarajevo, so they can have a taste of this piece of Amsterdam craftsmanship. Živjeli guys!”

Client: Filmtheater Kriterion
Cargo: A box of Jules Beer
Destination: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Recipient: KRITERION Sarajevo


Client #5

“My Grandmother in Almaty does not have Skype, and the postal service in Kazakhstan is terrible. I hope Daan and Joram will be able to find the way to my grandma’s house en give her this letter in person! Just to be sure, I’ve added a note in Russian that she should not be scared of these two strangers. She will probably not understand a single word they are saying to her haha”

Client: Ulyana
Cargo: A Personal Letter
Destination: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Recipient: Ulyana’s Grandmother


Client #4

“You know what’s funny, a while ago I tried to send a letter to my brother in Istanbul. It never arrived. I’m sure the Super Sunny Service will do way better!”

Client: Violet
Cargo: A Personal Letter
Destination: Istanbul, Turkey
Recipient: Daan, Violet’s brother


Client #3

Does Mongolia have an Ultimate Frisbee Team?! Yes it does, and Crunch 3 is sending them a signed Crunch Disc from Amsterdam!”

Client: Crunch 3 Ultimate Frisbee Team 
Cargo: A signed Crunch Disc
Destination: Ulaan Bator, Mongolia
Recipient: Ulaan Bator Frisbee Team (


Client #2

“We are sending Dutch cookies to a dear friend from Düsseldorf who sends us homemade cookies every Christmas. This summer Joram en Daan wil help us return the favor!”

Client: Emily & Nico 
Cargo: Dutch Cookies
Destination: Düsseldorf, Germany
Recipient: Joachim