You can support us in different ways. For those on a small budget, it takes only 10 euros to get a unique postcard from the country of your choice! For 25 euros your name will also be eternalized on the Sunny. Or why not go for the  = gold package = and get a whole pile of personalized postcards, and your name on the car in =gold= .

If you would like to get a package delivered along the route, please drop us an email

We’ve made it very simple for you. Just fill out the form below, and donate using the built-in PayPal/creditcard service on this website. You can also transfer the money to our bank account directly (NL60 ASNB 0708975216 – D Bregman – Going Postal)

You can choose one of the four donations schemes we set up and receive something in return!

img29     pijl005     Postcard2   (from country on the route)

3316697_1_org.jpg     pijl005     Postcard2  054c4d84409c0cce1bf436cd2e4d6c22(your name on Sunny)

50euro     pijl005     Postcard2 pakket    sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss( postal delivery*)

100r pijl005 7x Postcard2 054c4d84409c0cce1bf436cd2e4d6c22(Name in =GOLD=)

Donate Button with Credit Cards

(for Credit Card or Paypal) 

Bank account: NL60 ASNB 0708975216 – DJJ Bregman – Going Postal

(for Bank Transfer) 

*Possible when destination is on our route

Please fill in our contact form so that we know where to send a postcard to, which name we should put on Sunny and where you would like the card from (you can choose from these 19 countries)

If you have any trouble filling out the form, or if you have any special requests (eg multiple cards, cards to various addresses, or specifications of text you would like us to write) please drop us an email @

Please do not use the comment box below!

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