Team Going Postal is two men strong. Daan heard about the Mongol Rally on a train from Zagreb to Budapest and when he got back in Amsterdam Joram was the only friend who was crazy enough to say yes when the idea of participating with the Mongol Rally was proposed. They both have never fixed a broken car, but are sure it cannot be that hard.

Daan whose favorite kitchen appliance is a Mandoline, an exquisite ultimate frisbee player and when traveling will always look for that one place now one ever goes to but has a great story behind it. While chilling in his hammock on a daily basis Daan fantasizes on how to spend the inexhaustible number of vacation days he has to its exposure.

Joram the recently graduated Master of Innovation is the rookie of the team. His favorite super heroes are TinTin and Pippi and he learned how to cook with a Mandoline from his teammate. He is convinced that being an enthusiast about the economic system will be a great advantage for him during the rally and he is confident he will be able to fold his 1 meter 96 centimeter tall body into the rally car, again and again. After watching a lot of travel programs and reading travel books he feels like now is the time for him to unleash his desire to travel the world like TinTin.